Our Gay Cat Dads apparel celebrates the connection between felines and their gay dads.

We work with independent graphic designers to come up with our designs.

Part silly, part catty, Gay Cat Dads seeks to take the "cat lady life" to the next level.


the gay cat dads team

 Josh & Liza

josh hersh, founder

I've had a special connection with animals ever since I was a young boy. While my heart is definitely big enough for all of the critters within the animal kingdom, cats resonate with me more than any other. I'm also passionate about bringing people together, so I figured what's better than gay men celebrating our feline friends?! I hope you find our Gay Cat Dads apparel sweet, funny, and the perfect way to show pride for your kitty cat.


Liza, model, mischievous assistant

Oh, Liza. It's difficult to put her into words, but the ones I use most often are sweet and sassy. She's not what you'd call a lap cat. Even though cuddling is one of my favorite things, Liza is having none of it. Independent women? Yup! She's a black kitty who isn't afraid to show her true colors. For that, I love her.