January Feature: Josh & Liza

What's your name? Josh

Your cat's name? Liza

Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY

1. Tell us about the first time meeting your cat
Liza was a complete surprise gift from my boyfriend at the time. He told me to close my eyes, then he threw her onto my lap. She scurried off to the other side of our living room. I was honestly a bit freaked out about having this responsibility, so for our "trial period", I called Liza "the cat", in hopes that I wouldn't get attached. During the first night we had her, she was running around, knocking things over. I couldn't help myself, getting up to see if she was okay. Needless to say, we ended up adopting her a few weeks later.

2. What's the story behind your cat's name?
Liza Minelli, of course. I mean, the black hair, the sass, the attitude. It just made sense. We debated Phoebe since we both loved Phoebe from Friends, but Liza felt like the best fit.

3. What's one of your cat's funny habits or quirks?
This habit isn't entirely funny, but I bought one of those electric food dispensers. Even after she's eaten, Liza tries to break into the dispenser in order to get more food. After digging for awhile, she usually gets a few pieces of food. I give her credit for being smart and crafty enough to break in!

4. What gay icon/diva does your cat embody and why?
Of course Liza Minnelli. But she also has an intense mean streak in her. I'm not sure who that embodies -- maybe a diva on a bad day!

5. Three words that best describe your cat
Sassy. Independent. Intelligent.